Why is washing a 911 such an evocative experience?

Putting aside the Rule of Nimbus, which dictates that the rain shall fall if a decision to wax your car is made, there’s a lot of contemplation when washing a 911.

It has the most compact dimensions of any car in its class. Not only is it a petite car, but its shape is genuinely seductive with the soap and mitts. Under introspection, the de-spoilered 997 has one of the most perfect teardrop shapes of any car in the market.


Ramming that engine over the rear axle has a positive effect of de-cluttering the rest of the car, especially the front of the car which has the benefit of not needing a massive engine bay, thereby thinning the bonnet area.

All the above essentially means the car requires half the time to detail than any other conventional car. And those rear haunches are utterly beautiful, making even waxing a simple task. Not forgetting I’m a short guy, so having a car where I can easily reach over the roof is a bonus.

Special mention to G3 wax – this did a fantastic job of burying much of the swirl marks that plagued the car when I first collected it. I have a detail planned for next week which will include some corrective buffing, but as a stop gap this wax has done wonderfully.