Elite: Dangerous with Oculus Rift

With a very public Kickstarter campaign that magnetised every 40 somethings attention to this renewed classic, Elite Dangerous was met with a resoundingly positive reception, especially with Braben at the helm.

I actually bought the premium Beta copy a while ago but refused to play it until I had all my tools ready, including a Thrustmaster Hotas joystick and a DK2 Oculus Rift.

You may be asking why it’s been a while since I updated this site. Well that’s mainly because I’ve been plugged into the matrix for the past 2 months.

I have a frightening theory which I may choose to share with the world in the near future about the implications of VR, but for now, revel in the relatively primitive technology.

There are many tech demos and games already out for the OR, but Elite is really what it was made for. The game on its own is absolutely fantastic and is unmatched in scope for its breadth of opportunities. And it’s only in Beta. It has the largest space area ever conceived in a game. Even now, it only has a tiny fraction of what to expect in the final launch version, but still it would be impossible to truly explore every region.

It lends itself perfectly to the many facets of space sims; exploration, combat, trading, mining, piracy, policing – anything you want. With an accurately simulated model economy based on supply and demand, the galaxy shifts and ebbs and flows accordingly.

Space is also beautifully rendered and combined with the best sound engineering I’ve ever heard in a game, the environment is amongst the most ambiently pleasing I’ve ever experienced.
?Add to this the utter immersion with the Oculus Rift and you can forget about ever having had that family. Or job.
?There literally is too much to talk about right now and it’s just in beta – but it has a brilliant community that is supporting and helping to make the game the perfect place to be.

If you have about 2 years free, grab a copy and the tools to fulfil the perfect experience. Otherwise, heed my warning – KEEP AWAY.

So far, this is a contender for game of the decade.