Lords of the Fallen 2014 (PC)

How can I have such high hopes so quickly smashed to smithereens with the same ferocity contained in some of the giant weapons seen in this game?

I’m a massive fan of Dark Souls and there isn’t a review on the land which doesn’t compare them two because quite frankly, the developers have made no bones about how closely they copied From Software’s masterpiece.

It has all the mechanics but without any of the charm unfortunately. It goes some way to admit that the game is difficult. If you watch the trailers, there’s a scene where the player is repeatedly attempting the same boss fight over and over again. This is true of both titles. But in Dark Souls, where you discover a new weakness right before you die that in fact makes you stronger in resolve, Lords of the Fallen only teaches you to smash you controller onto the desk harder in succession.

The moment you take your pot out to swig a bottle in an uninterruptible action is also the exact time you’re going to be attacked.

The AI cheats a bit you see. There is a nice variety of weapon types in the game, from short swords and staves to giant, behemoth axes that inflict insane damage, but take approximately 3 days to complete a swing. And that’s when the AI cheats, as the moment you press the swing button seems to be the perfect time where the opponent chooses to one-hit kill you.??Same with potions. You need to top up your health, frequently. But know this: The moment you take your pot out to swig a bottle in an uninterruptible action is also the exact time you’re going to be attacked. Any health you recover, well, assume half of it is gone immediately. ??And that is infuriating on a scale I’ve not witnessed recently in games. The wife was constantly asking why I was still playing on a game that was obviously causing me much consternation. In truth, I couldn’t answer it. I think the fact is I didn’t want Lords of the Fallen to be better than me – because it wasn’t. The level design was bland, inaccessible areas didn’t look inaccessible so most of your traversing is trial and error and loot is not representative of what you pick up – everything has this weird red crystal shape.

I have fond memories of Dark Souls. I loved the difficulty curve because I genuinely felt it was better than me. The world was the most colourful and frightening I’ve experienced and there was a method to all fighting. ??Here, it’s just too random, too ill thought out and too generic and samey.

Add to that a liberal dose of crash-to-desktops and I’m this close to uninstalling really. Shame. Was looking forward to this.