No Man’s Sky (PC) 2016

Oh boy. Could this perhaps be the worlds biggest gaming disappointment?

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting, No Man’s Sky lifted it’s head from the dreary cesspit of development hell to grace the billion salivating owners with what it’s producers and developers promised would be a game of unparalleled experience.

Currently gracing 14,000 negative reviews on Steam, I’ll add myself to the list of people who pre-ordered this game and then subsequently requested a refund a mere few hours later.

Absolutely the worst, most insulting part of this game is that it’s nothing other than a shitty PS4 port.

I’m playing on 4K and it looks so hopelessly mediocre, I can’t help but feel I’m no longer master race which really depresses me.

There is a complete lack of connection between human and planet as there’s no sense or point of reference. And not being able to fly a ship as if it were, you know, a ship, is an unfortunate shame – instead seems to be some weird VR tech demo on rails, but without the VR. No Man’s Sky WISHES it had the fluidity and dynamics of an Elite Dangerous ship.

I can’t help but agree with what most people are saying, this is a tiresome, grinding walking simulator with appalling graphical fidelity and all the procedural generated universe has done is provide us a massively wide puddle.