Beyond Skyline (2017)

Those of you paying attention at the back will recall a cool sci-fi flick called Skyline back in 2010.

It was notable mainly for its offscreen drama, having been embroiled in legal disputes over ownership of SFX as the agency doing the CGI also did the CGI for a lesser (but bigger budget movie) Battle LA.

The sequel comes back with a formula of utter nonsense, mixing up Sci Fi, aliens, big guns and kung fu – who’da thought this would end up so much fun?!

And it really does need you to switch off all reason and logic simply to enjoy the film for its back to basics concepts of guns and explosions.

Putting aside the sheer volume of continuity errors and basic “wtf how that happen” moments, it’s actually huge fun. I really enjoyed this in the same way I enjoyed the first one. It never really takes itself seriously enough and make sure to watch the hilarious bloopers at the end.

And kung fu > aliens.