Justice League (2017)

DC’s riposte to the MCU’s massively successful Avengers franchise, Justice League serves as a rather rushed introduction to its all star ensemble.

It took Marvel 5 years to build up the Avengers crew, starting with the introduction of Iron Man in 2007, to the launch of The Avengers in 2012. In contrast, JL seeming came out of nowhere with only Superman’s Man Of Steel (2013), Ben Affleck’s Batman v Superman (2016) and Wonderwoman (2017) to provide us with some appetising starters for the JL main course.

Add to that the massive troubled production woes with scripts, directors, writers changing at the last minute, what we’ve got is a massive mess that is impossible to decipher visually with so many canon loop holes it’s simply unforgivable.

Barry Allen is sweet but unfunny, Batman out of his depth, Aquaman is a bit of a wimp, Supes is genuinely cool (always got a soft spot for Henry Cavill), Cyborg actually really interesting, and Wonderwoman is so painful to watch I just can’t – she’s way too much of a political activist to be likeable, despite being a legitimately good fit for the character.

As an experiment, to establish just how ridiculous DC movies have become, could you imagine Christian Bale in this movie as Batman? It’s totally totally out of place. DB movies have just become giant, half billion dollar computer games.

I can’t even remember the plot. I’ll end with an excellent YouTube comment:

This looks more like Sharknado VIII: superman resurrection?