Category: BlowdogARTZ

Sparks of existentialism

Moments of greatness are aroused as self awareness propagates a sense of acute dimensional spirituality.

Artistic representations

Never one to let a business opportunity go, BlowdogArtz was commissioned to construct an artists impression on Chucks 22B Impreza.

New frontiers

James announces his abilty to program PHP to say “Hello, World!”

Journeys of yore

The duty of shepherding my old Red Makinen will be passed on yet again this Sunday. Quentin’s journey will be perilous.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Watching the fellow Skyline tuners has shown me a vision of excellence, I hope one day to achieve my goal.

Trials and Tribulations of Life

Whilst contemplating the meaning of life, I pondered the reasoning behind theft. The result left me with a deep and meaningful scar.

Distant Memories

During my random clean up moments, I came across this fabulous montage of victory, valour and virtue at Bedford Autodrome.

Not working

Unfortunately, during the European Computer Trade Show, I couldn’t work out how to accelerate during the hi-tech motorcycle simulator.

Go ape

After Mark went to see Planet of the Apes, he no longer trusts monkeys. This is a recent encounter of his. Tragic.

Belgium Memories

Oh how Belgium wept upon our departure. This is the veiw, from the eyes of Quentin.

Photorealistic game

Honda released details of their driving simulator. I was out there first hand to test it. here’s what I found.