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  1. Hi Blowdog

    Just read all 11 articles on the c2 – fascinating info and story as the new owner of D688 so thank you for sharing.

    It’s a great car and your hard work, blood sweat and tears are evident. I will take great pride and look after the c2, went to a local super car show 3 weeks ago (day after purchase) and it got more attention and photos than all the ferraris and lambos that sat in the same car park.

    The 991 gt3 looks stunning, I currently have a 991 c4s – a great car but no doubt relatively tame compared to the gt3.

    I also have a stunning 16 plate defender 110 XS. It’s totally shit to drive but at the same time a totally amazing ‘last of an era’ vehicle. One of the last ones off the line and will never get sold.


    1. Haha – I’d hardly call any 991 tame. They are incredible cars although I’m very lucky to be in a GT3 no doubt.

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