Better than a Mak?

I currently have some very good offers for an Evo 7 from two very reliable sources. One is from Roger Clarke motorsport, whom I have purchased 3 cars from in the past. They have never failed to provide me with bona fide cars and have never ever let me down…


Treadmills for cars

Visited for the first time in my life a rolling road day today. To say I was chuffed with the results is an understatement. Check out the results. Thanks to power engineering for a well organised day and some great results. Rollers seemed very accurate.



Ok, it’s that time of year again when my feet start to itch and i look at spending a crap load of money that i don’t have. It’s the porsche phase. I have seen the 993 turbo4 in the flesh recently and, well..i want one. 400bhp with 400Ib/ft torque. I…


Contact dawg

If you’d like to contact me directly you can do so from this site. Just return to the main page, click on a “comment” button below any entry, and post your message. Comments are moderated, so they won’t automatically post publicly. I will do my best to answer your messages…


blowdog MOVIES

Here you’ll find a collection of videos – a repository for now. Any future videos will be added to their own posts but frankly some of these movies are so bad they do not warrant any further effort. There are, however, a couple of real nice ones which I’ll extract…

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