Back where I belong (911 GTS)

After the M3 episode, I considered my replacement very carefully. The immediate and obvious choice was just to buy a replacement. But then, was the M3 an itch that had just been scratched? That’s actually doing the M3 a disservice. It’s a brilliant, brilliant car – and the example I…


M3 Purchased – Born Again

It’s been a long time. Putting aside my frivolous dally with the C63 AMG back in 2012, it’s been nearly four years since I sold my last decent car and I’ve basically endured a drought of such magnitude it would sap the very soul out of a stoutest of men.…


Her (2014)

Damn fine job Spike Jonze has done with Her. His research into the possibilities of the near future is plausible not only from a technological standpoint, but also from a social one. As qualified as I may be to understand the concept of ‘interface’ and the user experience, not since…


Lamb Shish and Cajun Chickens

Meat, meat, meat, some vegetables and some more meat. In a first of a new series, I’ve decided to spread the word of my #bbqgodking BBQ’s. First BBQ of the season, lovingly crafted lamb shish, sourced from my butchers (shoulder only). Marinated with thyme, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.…

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