JapUK Meets organised what was possibly the biggest independant car meet in the UK. With approximately 500 cars in the small village of Bolney, great starting weather ensured lots of chit chat and showing off the pride and joy. Prospec Motorsport‘s demo R34 Skyline took away a lot of the glory by being the most captivating car on display.

The convoy was, as ever, a hillarious display of macho pride, with leapfrog being the game of choice. Whoever got to the front played it’s turn to slow down and allow everyone else to overtake, et ad infinitum. Funniest moment was coming alongside Mark Kahn in his Impreza and seeing his car decked out in full roll-cage with rear mounted camera and a crash helmet on! Lot’s of laughter later and flameouts later, we arrived at an already buzzing scene and enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted.

I strongly recommend you experience the joy of taking 3 skylines and some Impreza’s amongs other highly tuned Japanese machinery through the Dartford Tunnel. The noise is just insane with decat exhausts and highly strung engines dictating a beautifully orchestrated symphony.

Ahh, the pains of missing summer, roll on…roll on.