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comments = Excellent site mate. However, hall of shame? A £40k ish import R34 does not automatically include you as having ‘the means’ to afford a £100k+ Porsche. Just my honest opinion. Keep up the good work
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Hello A. Reader,

Thanks for the comments/sentiments.

I will, however, disagree somewhat with your opinion (what a boring place it would be if we were all right).

Understanding that I may not be able to afford a £120k Porsche right now, the fact that I won’t either be:

a) A future potential buyer or
b) Interested in other automobiles in his garage

is a naive and reckless attitude IMHO. Regardless, I am well keen on the GT class Porsche and have it firmly set in my sights. I could also have been a powerful pawn in his marketing campaign, for and reach far and wide into the pc’s of the rich and poor.