Oh and the Q7..!

Yeah it’s been a nice year. In removing the Golf from the household, we need a replacement family steed – in steps the Q7.
I can feel the anger already and I’ll only plead you dispel with your internet raging so I may justify the reasons for having what is possibly the largest utility vehicle this side of a hummer. OK I have no excuses, save that it’s big, has 7 seats, provides plenty of space that 2 kids and pushchairs with shopping needs, but is also a bloody nice car.

It’s the 3.0ltr tdi V6 engine and that affords excellent performance and agility for a car that can sustain an entire species from within. I won’t lie, it’s not economical, not as I’d hoped, but I really do love it and 6 months into ownership, I have no regrets.