Henry’s new M3 chases the bloodline

White has truly smashed fist first into the modern times as the colour du jour. Sometimes it’s obvious that a manufacturer, or even owner, is trying too hard with white Golf’s or white Q7’s (as if the arrival of a 2.5 tonne private vehicle is not enough of a statement!), but the M3 appears to have been designed for the colour white. Its laquered, naked carbon weave roof and shadowed wheels provide excellent contrast to what is a blindingly bright white. True to M3 design innovation, those wing mirrors will be copied for many years.


With true loyalty to its number plate, its pompously cheeky rear is in defiance of society’s willingness and obligation to lean proportions. And does this fat lady sing or what? V8 vocals have come of age with German vehicles of late, from the RS4 to the C63, these slick coupés now come with soundtracks that earn them proper GT status.


We’ve both had some fantastic fun on the circuits, especially one occasion at Snetterton when we were both black flagged for pretty much driving the entire circuit sideways. The race controller was amused, thankfully, but asked us to tone things down a bit! Unfortunately, we’re recognised now at Snetterton as the “two white cars”


Despite some minor problems with his 7speed transmission (sometimes when choosing a gear, his computer says no), he’s still able to enjoy its rear drive characteristics aplomb.