Return of the supercool?

I first saw the Abarth 500 at the Geneva motorshow last year. Even back then it stood proud, handsome and dominating in stark contrast to its minature dimensions. I was smitten back then and have enjoyed the presence of the uber cool 500’s on our roads of late – especially as I see it as a personal battle against the irritating Mini.

After having read the great Car article yesterday as they took a new Abarth 500 across the alps, I had to go see one again. After all, I need a train station car and what better than this?


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the car in person (I’m a week early) but my interest is peaked. I’ve been pouring over the (incredibly stylish) A4 teaser they gave me, that comes together with pictures of the Assetto Corse package – a track day pack that comes with special wheels, lowered springs, uprated discs and pads, ecu flash that takes power from 135bhp to 160bhp and some other tasty add-ons. Standard car is £13,600 and the package costs another £2,500.


This is a very, very cool car.