Boxter turns up again

So as the GT3’s in for some warranty work requiring the whole week to do, I’ve been given another Boxster to drive around in as substitute. I’ve always been a fan of this car, even in its standard 2.7 poverty spec trim. Lucky for me, weather has been fantastic lately and we’ve had some real nice sunshine days. Despite the slight chill in the air, the car does a great job of keeping you cosseted and snug in its cosy 2 seater environment. I’ve even been fortunate enough to obtain a slight tan during the past few days!

It’s quite a lethargic powerplant, but this time round I’ve realised this car is just desperate for a 6 speed box. The given five gears are simply way too long and does nothing other than accentuate the lethargy of the engine. Still, it’s not without character and coupled with the energetic, somewhat surprisingly masculine soundtrack, is sufficient in encouraging a sense of conflicted urgency. The gearing makes for comical heal and toeing though, the blips in throttle followed very quickly by a low rev engine note out of tune with the action.

Handling is of course class leading, with a lithe, nimble approach to every road condition and a reactive, accommodating chassis that communicates and follows instruction without hint of debate nor complaint. It really is quite a funky little pet. £17k gets you one of these and for a quality, well built convertible that is used strictly as a second/third car, it’s hard to beat. Its lack of toys and in-cabin luxuries are offset by a chunky, quality texture to controls and input. The roof control is as simple as is efficient, with the roof coming up and down in a matter of seconds.

I have to say though, coming from a white GT3, it may come as a little strange to admit to feeling a little ‘exposed’ when driving the car. Not in the sense a convertible would leave you feeling ‘exposed’, but a genuine feeling that everybody else on the road thinks you’re a total and utter wanker.

It was just a feeling, that’s all.