Where does one go from here? Ducati Panigale 1199S Tricolore

This is what it’s all about really.

In less than 5 months from passing my motorbike test, I’d already reached the pinnacle of the Motorbike. The Ducati Panigale has been internationally recognised as a massive leap in motorbike production terms, having pushed the goal posts so far ahead it’s feared that it will take many years for others to catch up.

With global awards being collected in the 100’s, the Panigale motorbike is the fastest, lightest, loudest, sexiest object I have ever used.

When I first saw details of this bike I decided that my competence was irrelevant, I had to have one. I had never seen something so beautifully made. Seemed also I was not alone in this estimation, some people reportedly buying two – one for the garage and one for the living room. A dry example that would serve as an exotic piece of art. I can totally get that.

But this is just a touch of its vast abilities. So I’m going to split this up into three, consumable bite size sections that any layman can understand.


Just. Look at it.
I have never had a car where I’ve just walked out of my house, into the garage to look at it. I am ashamed to say it, but I put a sofa into my garage now. I sometimes take a drink with me, maybe a cigar, light it up and just bask in the glory of it. Is that wrong? I think it’s ok. I think it’s ok to appreciate art and to allow yourself to wallow in the euphoric gratitude of perfectly sculpted aluminium and carbon. A project that a select number of expert individuals have clearly poured heart and soul into, the type of Latin soul that is free from the confines and restrictions of corporate ideals.

it’s not unlike, I suspect, being thrown out of an aeroplane without a parachute


First time I started a Panigale, I said “Get the f***”. These Italians have a nonsensical view of the world. I suspect their every endeavour begins with “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do X” because there doesn’t seem to be any form of acknowledgement for law or order. Is every living Italian an undercover anarchist? Are they anti establishmentarianists?

When I ride up and down a road, people on mobile phones plug their other ears. People scowl, they frown, they duck into an imaginary space of silence around their chest area, assuming some form of magic will make me disappear. But I don’t. I’m still there. 1200cc’s of v-twin competing to be the most anti social bully on the road.

And don’t even talk to me about the upshifts on cold. Those bangs are shotgun loud and belong in a WW2 movie.


I’ve owned and driven a lot of very very fast cars. From hyper tuned Japanese cars, to 600BHP Italian exotics. They are quick, make no doubt, but this is on another scale.
I’ve been asked what it feels like and I always answer, it’s not unlike, I suspect, being thrown out of an aeroplane without a parachute.
There are times when you are just holding on for dear life and you are there simply for the ride. About 130MPH, your eyeballs start to vibrate in the sockets and the sensory overload feels warp speed. You don’t know where you’re going, you don’t know how this is going to end and you don’t know what’s on the other side. All you know is that you are going very, very, very fast indeed.

To see proof of this, watch this fantastic video of my exact bike versus a 997 GT2 RS

I’m so utterly in love with this bike, it’s embedded into my very psyche. I sometimes wake up mid sleep with a convulsion, having just reenacted a scene from a ride out earlier that day.

I performed the California Superbike School earlier this year. I want to become a better rider. I want to hone my skills as I want to give this bike my total respect. It’s a frightening tool that should be classed as a weapon. It’s loud and dangerous and has me screaming in my helmet at times from undiluted joy and euphoria.

I’ve taken my pick of vehicles. There is nothing on the planet that can do A-B faster than this bike. Add to that actually. There’s nothing that can do A-B with as many smiles.

More later…I need to go stroke it.

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