Tomb Raider

It’s now been 17 years since Lara Croft was catapulted into popular culture as a household name.

Back in 1996, the original Tomb Raider reinvented the platformer with novel 3D graphics, excellent level designs with ingenious puzzles. And, of course, a heroine with big tits.

Fast forward and we have a reboot of the franchise in this modern day refresh of Core’s original.

Beautifully rendered graphics go far enough to justify the next-gen monikers as it glistens with high resolution textures, lush forestry and advances in hair tech, coined TresFX by AMD. It’s not quite there yet, with an intense amount of GFX processing required to run it, but also there’s a little too much of an artificial feel that makes the hair look even more fake.

The game is solid enough with more than a few similarities to Far Cry 3, given its jungle setting and the crafting of weapons. But I still don’t know why in 2013 we are forced to play games that present stupid quick-time events to gaming. We should be beyond this base level scripting of events, especially given the lush gaming background that should allow us to explore more freely.

Didn’t hold enough to complete and lacks Far Cry 3’s freeform nature and the superb characters that inhabit that island.