Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

This came recommended to me recently from a friend. The original 2009 was a blast with some excellent sandbox mayhem on tap through a hugely OP protagonist inflicted with powers.

Step up the next gen version, Infamous: Second Son, and it’s much of the same except with more of everything. Having just finished it, it’s standard smash em up fare and is potentially a forgettable experience but I can’t deny having had a hoot playing through it.

Most curiously you choose a path from being a righteous savior and ambassador of ‘conduits’ or bio-terrorists as they’re called, or you can embrace your supreme power by exercising your superiority over puny humans. Naturally I chose the latter.

This does lead to some questionable acts of aggression, sometimes enough to make me wince. You wouldn’t normally mind but the characters are so well acted and face mapped, you can’t help but assume they are real people. Some of the comedy is actually spot on I can’t help but feel attached to the lead dude you play.

There are some downsides. There are too many powers. This means that instead of becoming familiar with a set of powers (Neon, smoke, concrete and angelic), you end up instead flicking frantically and erratically from one to the other. This does lead to much experimentation but leads a huge voice in any time invested.

Your character can also suffer from the combo hit bug, where if you’re hit enough you just suffer continued hits without being able to escape the zone until you die.

The downsides aren’t enough to dampen the experience. Some of the moves are proper OP and can be very satisfying when you properly pull it off. Add to that some gorgeous visuals that at no point lose any of its sharpness or fluidity and you have a very enjoyable experience that allows you to soak up the environment.

I completed it which means I enjoyed it enough to get through to the end. It wasn’t a huge game but I traded in Titanfall for it (which I hated) and for £13, I can’t moan at many hours of good fun.