Noah (2014)

Any fan of Darren Aronofsky will recognise his signature aesthetic that runs solidly throughout the film.

But even this isn’t enough to make this iffy subject matter shine in a conveniently digestible way.

Given that we’ve given up a couple of hours of our lives to this, it’s safe to assume we don’t need to question the story of Noah and his Ark. Concentrate instead on the drama and how this translates to a movie instead, and then we can rightfully stumble.

There are many references to Lord of the Rings when people describe the film and you can see why. There’s so much creative license in the story that it’s hard to know when the story starts and where the screenplay runs riot. From transformers style creatures acting as guardians of the earth, through to questionably pre-historic animals, there’s an attempt to satisfy both creationists and Darwinists. Except it gets really confusing as there’s a rather splendid explanation of evolution which begs the direction of the story given that that is a massive contradiction in belief.

I love a film with a theological taint and Noah does well enough to blur the line between faith and obsession, even though there are times his ambition can be frustrating to watch. But rather than give us any meaty intellectualism to debate in the aftermath of the film, it really is a simple display of good guys v bad guys with a healthy dose of righteous redemption thrown in.

Forgettable as it may be, enjoy the two hour spectacle which does well to include some rather disturbing scenes of Armageddon amongst some excellent visuals.