Seems a lot of my cars are whirlwind romances of late.

I loved the GTS. As any run out model will often achieve, the 997 GTS picked out all the perfect bits from the parts bin from a model that has a very successful eight years between 2004 to 2012. The most notable being the widebody shell, powerkit and the sports exhaust system.

It’s also got a notable benefit of having 4 seats which is the one single benefit it has over a GT3, otherwise I just couldn’t help feel with romantic hindsight that I simply longed for the GT3.

Visually, it’s an iconic representation of one of the most evocatively designed cars ever. The 997 was a perfect attempt to bring the classic 993 shape back to life again. In guards red with the single nut wheels in black, it really did look special.

As a driver, there’s no fault to be given to its handling. The levels of mechanical grip are astonishing and provides instant, detailed feedback on both the rear wheels and the front, via the wonderful, thin spoked alcantara trimmed wheel.

Add to this near 190MPH performance and there is no obvious competitor to this car with 4 seats. Its vocal engine is a thumping powerplant. It sings through its Porsche sports exhaust system and has impressive lungs in any gear, providing reassuring levels of performance throughout.

Unfortunately the recent burglary has given me impetus to keep my head low for a while. But I’ll be back.

  • Rob

    I spotted the car for sale on pistonheads a couple of weeks back – was it easy to sell? Numbers for sale seem to be dropping a bit – a year ago Porsche OPC had two pages of GTS for sale and today only four cars . Think mine will be a keeper for a bit yet.

    Await your next move with interest – my money on a GT3 :)

  • Hah – I’d LOVE a GT3. Best car ever EVER EVER.
    The GTS wasn’t a tough sell at all. Curiously I had more traders interested in the car than actual private buyers. But it was mint. And had almost 2 full years of Porsche Warranty.

  • Joost

    What a shame to hear the GTS is gone.

    I think it is almost 7 or 8 years ago that I was at a drift event at Papenburg Germany where you were present with your brand spanking new white 997 GT3 Mk1. You offered me a few passenger laps. Those laps I will never forget. I was gutted for life (thanks for that!), and I promised myself, one day, I will have a GT3 myself. That day has finally come. Two weeks ago I picked up a white 991 GT3 in Germany, and drove it back to Holland with a big smile on my face, thinking back off that one day at Papenburg Germany. Ever since that day I have checked your website now and then to see what was new, and what was gone.

    Thanks again for that one day at Papenburg and I hope to see a nice new toy on your website very soon.

    Kind regards,


    • Hey Joost,
      Wow that was a long time ago indeed!
      One of my best memories with the car actually, that place taught me how to drive. Was it the same time I took a trip off the circuit into the carpark??

      Please can you send me pics of your 991 – I’m jealous, it’s the only car I really, truly want in my life.

  • Joost

    I thought you were there together with a black and a orange GT3 RS (Glenn??) and a M3 CSL. You guys were on a sort of road trip together.

    I have send you some pics.