Porsche in “This shit just got real” GT3 tickler

Just over 2 years now and I’ve still got this car! Mad eh? After having spent a not inconsiderable sum on bringing the car back to its youth again (detailing, new vinyl all over, front bumper respray for chips, wheels all refurbished back to original silver), I’ve returned home to find what can only be described as a heart stopping bit of exciting news wrapped in an A5 envelope addressed to myself.

Titled “From the inner sanctum; The new 911 GT3”, it was not without frenzied demolishing of said envelope and subsequent careful removal of enclosed glossy envelope, I spent the next 20 minutes reading cover to cover and then reading again details of the Mk2 997 GT3.

As ever with 911 evolution, the product is never broken enough to warrant redevelopment from the ground up, but instead a careful considered review of essential upgrades that could constitute some reaction to owner wish lists. The list of changes are healthy enough for me to start deliberating colour choices already, but those that stick out are:

  • Bored out engine to 3.8 (0-100mph in 8.2 secs!)
  • Adaptive engine mounts (not sure about this – am hoping it doesn’t provide an artificial handling characteristic)
  • PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management)
  • One piece new design GT3 wheels (excellent for fast race track exchanges)
  • Front axle lifting system (great for London driveways and speed ramps)
  • PSM (Porsche Stability Management – thankfully it’s switchable)
  • Larger brake discs (380mm)
  • GT2 style carbon buckets (they recline now instead of one piece fixed)
  • PCM (Porsche Communication Management – touch screen sat nav with ipod connectivity)

There are sufficient upgrades for me to warrant the upgrade cost from mine, the only question is – what colour – Red, White or Grey????