Colour choices send me tripping

Really didn’t think colour would be such a difficult choice with the Gen2 GT3. At first, white looked a suitable choice but echo’s of ‘been there, done that’ played through my mind. How the hell would neighbours see that I’d got a new car? Then I looked at the new Aqua Blue, which is a lovely colour but I think the photos do it huge favours. Then I settled on Red, having seen the Drivers Republic review of said car – it looked stunning. But seeing the car in the flesh proves the amount of post-editing that’s done to make a dull colour look vibrant.

Now, I’m all in a kerfuffle as I’ve seen another option, Riviera Blue (yeah thanks Glenn). It’s a shocker, for sure. But it does hark back to a time where Porsche’s came in all manner of inappropriate colours. What do you guys think? The wife thinks it’s hideous and called it a bubble-gum car.

EDIT – First two pictures directly below are from another source and allegedly a more accurate representation of the colour.(Thanks Alex)

Images below courtesy SportAuto (German Car Mag)