Meet up with a Porsche Boxster Spyder

This has to be the best looking car Porsche have ever made? I’m not even exaggerating it’s a beautiful sculpture.

What are the essentials of a good roadster? Handling, noise, looks? I think performance actually isn’t so important because ultimately it comes down to how these cars make you feel.

The Spyder sounds absolutely incredible and somehow Porsche have managed to make the Boxster sound like a 1960s Ferrari. How they’ve gone through type approval can only be explained by way of a brown paper bag – it can’t be legitimate. Following Adrien in his Spyder, any speed, any gear, whenever he lifts off the accelerator, the exhausts coughs, splutters, barks and pops. It’s a cereal on ecstasy and has anyone within half a mile cranking their neck in shock.

It looks absolutely stunning too, in GT Silver. The revised GT3 style front nose looks hyper-aggressive and the duck tail spoiler is accentuated by the crease lines that run all down the side. The most important part of this car is that you don’t need to break the law to enjoy it. It can be as much fun at 50 MPH as my GT3 is at 150MPH. It’s a beautiful car that looks and sounds amazing.